Jemima Hall records her time within Scotland’s wild remote landscapes where she explores them from all perspectives. She lies close within its spaces, digs in it, smells it. She works with the landscape and its materials through socially engaging work, film, performance art and sculptural works.

Jemima Hall graduated in 2018 with a BA in Fine Art and History of Art from Oxford Brookes University. Now based in Glasgow she organises her Foraging & WildCraft workshops where she encourages people of all ages to reconnect to their natural surroundings, working with what nature provides, through play, craft and art.

Please get in contact if you would like to know any more about me and my art practice, or if you are interested in any workshops or collaborative work.


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"As I exit the womb of the earth, the roots of the tree, breathing in soil, I wonder. Am I able to regain an ancestral familiarity with what is beneath my feet? Is it something that is lost, or simply forgotten? I spread my scent and leave my tracks, not to own, but to belong. I reintroduce and rediscover my relationship to the soil, as a way to define my existence. It becomes an intimate interaction. A symbiosis between my body and the landscape."



Tel: +447340491841



Docwerk short documentary December 2018

A short 5 minute documentary on my art practice made by Docwerk film maker Linnet Deen, shown on the national Dutch TV channel NPRO2Extra on 18.12.18 

Screened at Docwerk Filmzappen 23.01.19 and DOCfeed 23.02.19

Click here to watch.

The Batsford Prize 2017
Fine Art and Applied Art Category
Entry of my sculptural installation, ‘Temporality’ under the theme ‘Interpreting nature’

The Cass Art Bursary 2017
Entry of my sculptural installation, ‘Temporality’


2.11.20 - 16.11.20

Knockvologan Studies artist in resident, Isle of Mull

Leading a conversation and workshop for 20 locals on 15th Nov


June - July 2020        

Off Grid Kids, Nature-art summer sessions

Leading 8 weeks of weekly themed art classes, children aged 5 - 11


Out of the Blue Makers Marque, Edinburgh

Free soil painting workshops 12-5pm

20.02.20 - 08.03.20

She Performs: The Body 'An exhibition of contemporary women artists'

Exhibiting 'Womb Exploring'


Holistic Ways Festival

Artist stall, exhibition, talk

24.05.19 - 09.06.19

MUD workshops at Fringe Arts Bath with Emma Stevens

Leading two weeks of free workshops sculpting and painting with mud and pigmented soils for people of all ages at the ICE Space Bath

Two weeks of live art, sculpting and painting with mud in the Walcot Chapel


Fine Art Degree Show, 'Hoi Polloi', Oxford Brookes University

Exhibiting 'Roots', a photographic, performative and sculptural installation


Fine Art Second Year Show, ‘Situate’, Oxford Brookes University               

Exhibiting fourteen sculptures of my piece ‘Temporality’


‘Hatched’, International Women’s Day, North Wall Gallery, Oxford             

Collaborative live performance with Magali Esberg, ‘It (’s a girl)’


CARU 3rd Anniversary Event, OVADA gallery, Oxford                             

Collaborative live performance with Peta Lloyd of ‘This Side Up’



Fine Art First Year Show, ‘JAM’, Oxford Brookes University                     

Exhibiting my recorded performance of ‘Set Free’


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