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September 28, 2017

Performance on Broad Street with the Live Art Performance group at Oxford's Curiosity Carnaval. Socially engaging work exploring and expressing a past judgement and labeling of fragility because of body size.

This Side Up

September 30, 2016

CARU 3rd Anniversary Event, OVADA gallery, Oxford                             

Collaborative live performance with Peta Lloyd of ‘This Side Up’

Soil Water Straw

February 23, 2018

Performance at Drink More Soda, 23/02/18

Exploring an intimate connection to what is beneath our feet - soil - as an ancient material to build and construct with.

Mixing soil, water and straw and plastering it all over my body - saturating myself in it.

Socially engaging an audience to reconsider the concept of soil as 'dirt'.

Roots 3.0

November 30, 2017

Capturing the process of digging soil, immersing myself into the practice of animal burrowing.

A personal exploration about reintroducing, rediscovering and redefining my relationship to nature as a way to define my existence.

Regaining an ancestral familiarity

with what is beneath our feet

something that is not lost

but simply forgotten

Roots 1.0

September 30, 2016

Development in an exploration of bringing natural elements indoors.

Immersing myself in an environment created by myself.

An interaction, a symbiosis between nature and humankind.

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