Soil is what connects all beings; it is what we grow from. Our relationship to soil nowadays is quite different. We relate soil to soiled, making us believe that it is something unhygienic while today it is one of the cleanest things around us. It has aesthetic, spiritual, cultural and educational benefits. We build with it, the soil creates our food, purifies our water, stores carbon and contains biodiversity.


These processes can suck you into a state of no-mind where you feel more aware, alert and alive. Painting and sculpting with soil pull you into an escape from our mad world. It will re-connect you to the earth.

Fringe Arts Bath 2019

"Through a number of workshops we wish for people of all ages to take part in the ancient processes of painting, sculpting and building with soil. Will simply be using soil and water, and basic building fabrics. We will be using the tones of the earth and experimenting with thick and thin mud to create tone and shape.


Join us and be inspired to reconnect to what is beneath our feet. Become acquainted with these ancient practices, and get messy!"

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