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December 2018

Published on NPRO2Extra NL 18-12-2018

Director - Linnet Deen

Camera - Robin Voskuilen

Editing - Linnet Deen

Length - 5 minutes

Language - Dutch


A short documentary made by my dear friend and incredible documentary maker, Linnet Deen. This documentary was shown on national Dutch television, and screened at multiple film festivals.

Docfeed 23 February 

Docwerk Filmzappen 23 January

This film gives a short introduction into my art practice at the time. I talk about the essence of my work, what energies I put into it, and what I hope for it to achieve. 


18 November 2018

Released from the Womb

The Womb of the Earth, the Roots of the Tree, the Atoms of the Soil


Taken with help of Linnet Deen - an incredible film maker and friend


I spotted this tree a while ago. The roots are split, hugging on to either side of a slope. Showing a gap, just big enough for my body. I wanted to see if I could fit through, climb through, giving the illusion of exiting the ground itself. This was more physically exhausting than I had expected, having to pull myself up, and out, of the tree. I had scratches all up my arms and sides. I hadn't expected my skin to blend in so beautifully with the leaves. We are One.

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