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Seaweed Shelter 2022 

Gòmastra/Gometra, March 2022
Still images from video documentation - an ongoing work. I am working on a film that includes some of this work.
 I am finding there is a lot to learn in how I connect to the experience and the work and the film - the differences between, the connections and visions.

Gòmastra/Gometra is an island off the West coast of Mull, Scotland. 

I spent March this year on Gòmastra/Gometra. I lived in the landscape and 16 days in this cave thatching a wall from seaweed onto a frame of driftwood/deadwood and found rope. I made a golden window out of kelp, which I made on wood with a needle I made out of found bone and a cordage made from rushes.

“I am exploring shelters, dwellings and dens, ancestral skills, forgotten ways, natural building techniques.
What I found was texture, colour, smell, interaction with everything around me, strangeness and familiarity.
In these videos the days are sunny, but I also saw the last of the winter storms and rains, believe me.
Being there was the happiest I have ever felt. I love doing this hard work, and feeling such a true interaction and joy.”

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