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OBU Degree Show, May 2018

Two performance video documentations


The video displayed on the left shows the durational documentation of the digging of a hole with my hands over the space of five months. The video on the right shows the documentation of a private performance, displaying an intimate interaction with the soil. The figure shapes the soil and the landscape by digging, shoving and lying in it.

A personal exploration about reintroducing, rediscovering and redefining my relationship to nature as a way to define my existence.



OBU Degree Show, May 2018

Photographs, 84.1 x 56.07 cm


Three photographs documenting the process of a space I had dug with my hands and the complex structure of roots within it. Expressing the intimacy, delicacy and care with which I handled this space.



Roots 3.0

November, 2017


Capturing the process of digging soil, immersing myself into the practice of animal burrowing.

Regaining an ancestral familiarity

with what is beneath our feet

something that is not lost

but simply forgotten

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