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Seaweed Shelter #2 2022

Published in Dark Mountain Project Issue 24, Eight Fires

Oarweed, sugar kelp, dead birch, nettle cordage, rush cordage

This seaweed structure was made on the Narrows, between the Isle of Mull and the Isle of Erraid, which fills with water at neap tides.
This structure was made using a dead birch wood frame which was dug into the sand and supported with stone, fastened with cordage. Washed up oarweed and sugar kelp were woven with a needle to the wooden frame using cordages handmade from nettles and rushes.

This is an ongoing exploration into working with the natural materials found in these seascapes/landscapes for the use of shelters/dens/dwellings. Learning about the changing colours and textures of seaweed and their play with light and shadow.


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