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Spring Beginners Foraging

Tuesday 26th March, St Marks Park, Edinburgh, 1-3pm


Saturday 13th April, Queens Park, Glasgow, 10-12am
Saturday 13th April, Queens Park, Glasgow, 1-3pm

Sunday 14th April, St Marks Park, Edinburgh, 1-3pm


£20 per adult
£5 per child


Bookings can be made through email or Eventbrite -


In this workshop we will forage what is bountiful in our natural environment in the season of Spring. I will introduce you to the act of foraging consciously and sustainably according to the 'Hunter-Gatherer way'.  We will start by identifying some beginners edible foods including leaves, flowers and trees. We discuss our findings and enjoy some wild tea.

Send me an email for more information on the workshop and meeting location.
There will be a maximum of 12 places. Please bring along a basket (if you have one) to gather our findings.


This workshop is £20. Please get in contact for more information. If these costs aren't feasible, please still get in contact.

Please email me to book in and pay in advance to save your spot.

All ages are welcome!

To find out more about upcoming workshops please get in contact or take a look at my instagram @jemima.e.hall

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