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Foraging & Wild Craft workshops

In my foraging walks we forage what is bountiful in our natural environment in each of the seasons. I will introduce you to the act of foraging consciously, sustainably and safely according to the 'Hunter-Gatherer way'. In our foraging walk you will learn to identify some beginners edible foods including leaves, flowers, berries, roots, mushrooms, nuts, seeds and trees. Each season is different and no matter what part of the year we are in, there are always countless edible plants to find. I will introduce you to their folklores and histories, their medicinal qualities, how to eat them and how to correctly identify them. We discuss our findings and enjoy wild foraged tea at the end of our walk.

Some of the plants we might find are -

seaweeds, yellow deadnettle, hawthorn, cleavers, turkey tail mushrooms, sorrel, wood avens root, rose hips, yarrow

For more information or to make a booking, please send me an email at

Click below to find out if there are any foraging walks happening near you!

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