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Wild Craft workshops

In my Wild Craft workshops I introduce people of all ages to the ancient practice of creating with nature itself. We learn what is bountiful in our natural environment in each season, and work in response to them.


I integrate elements of foraging, bushcraft and ancestral skills with intuition, art and play.

In an afternoon participants will be educated on local plants and wild foods. We will make snacks with them over a fire, taste tea’s, build shelters and experiment with natural inks, paints and dyes.

Participants of Wild Craft workshops will have an increased understanding of their natural environment, and in response to that, have a larger sense of well being and live with a wider awareness of their relationship to the landscapes they live and work in.

Wild Craft workshops are accessible and inclusive to all ages of individuals, groups, families and community centres. 

They take place in a wide variety of parks and green spaces spread across the city of Glasgow

Please get in contact if you as an individual/company/organisation/family/community centre/charity, are interested in a Wild Craft workshop! I am currently seeking facilitators and collaborators.

Email me at to book in

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