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Seaweed Shelter / Fasgadh Feamad

Solo-Exhibition Grinneabhat, Isle of Lewis
10th February - 4th April 2024


Seaweed Shelter takes us into the ‘moons-land’ between land and sea of the Shiant Islands where I spent 33 days of winter in solitude. The ethnobotanical ruminations of seaweeds converse a story of human adaptation, imagination and survival.

"Jemima Hall studies the ancestral skills of the uses of seaweed in natural building techniques through experimental and experiential architecture, inspired by the material because of their changing textures and translucent qualities."

With many thanks to Grinneabhat, Jon Macleod, Alex Hackett, Grace King, Tom Nicolson, Benji and James Morrison

Visit Grinneabhat's Website  for more information

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