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The Narrows, 2020

The strong winds released the last leaves of November along with them branches, twigs and seaweeds. All my building materials were prepared for me, ready to play with. In this time of changing seasons and early sunsets I considered shelters, dwellings and dens; the spaces we feel held within, where we connect to our Self. My naked search through the landscapes’ womb-like spaces and digging in the soil has here evolved to the need to construct a space of itself.

"On Sunday the 15th of November a small group of spectators gathered around an open structure made of branches, rocks and seaweed that had been secured in the sand. From there we were taken to a den amongst trees higher up where we sat in conversation on the rocks."

There I proposed the question: “Is it possible for us, in our lives of logic and order, to create a space in which we are able to connect to a child like spirit of imagination and play? To let go of inhibition, control and fear, and to create simply for the act of creation.”

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